6 video marketing tips

1. Have a content strategy.

Make a video once a week or once a month. Many companies don’t use video as part of their online strategy and it’s important to have one, stay focused and be committed to seeing the benefits from producing content.

2. Create new content.

Plan your content ahead of time, write a script, spread your subject matters over the year and work out where you want to shoot it. Don’t over complicate the staging and setup of the camera. Most of all keep the video down to 2-3 mins.

3. Market the video to your customers.video marketing strategy

Sounds basic enough, but just using social media and YouTube is not enough, you need to tell your customers directly. The use of an video email marketing tool can increase your click through rate. Once you have created your content you can use tools like Benchmarkemail software, which is an amazing way to email your videos to your client list. Check it out!

4. Use SEO friendly titles.

Do keyword title research (metadata)

You want your customers to find you in their search. So do a keywords search on the titles you want to use,

to see what customers are searching help you focus. To find out what your customers are searching us Google Keyword Tools this will help you identify what are the most searched words in your subject, it’s best to focus on what your customers are searching for so they can find your content.

5. Use Tags.

YouTube allows you to tag your videos, this means that you can label your videos to the searchable term.  Tagging is also know as metadata, this makes your videos highly searchable when entering in the search term in the search engines. This will help your customers find you.  Click on the tag link above to read all about it!

6. Don’t be serious!

Make the videos fun and customers will share, post, tweet and like your videos!

If you want to find out more and  have a conversation about how to set this up!

Feel free to contact us any time and have fun creating your content!