Table Tennis Tables Coaching tips Video

We are please to be providing video production and video marketing services to Best-Table- Best Table Tennis Tables reviews the best table tennis and ping pong tables on the market to help people decide which table tennis tables are right for them. They wanted to grow their audience online, build a fan base and support the customer once they have purchased a table. We conducted research then studied the market and came up with the idea of producing Table Tennis Coaching Tips.  We have teamed up with Eli Baraty of the Harefield Academy who coaches european and international player and have started producing fantastic videos with a growing audience.

So far we have generated over 10 thousand views across the different social media sites and have built up a sold audience base in a short space of time.  Best Table Tennis  plan to release around three videos per month to keep it’s audience engaged grow the audience online.

Please feel free to check out the Facebook Channel to see the results.



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