Cross platform video marketing tips

As a digital marketing executive you are constantly trying to think about ways to drive traffic to your website or mobile app to increase sales conversion.

We have established that online video is set for big things in 2015,  so it’s  important to start thinking about the different platforms that will drive traffic to your site. By platforms I mean social media platforms and the amount of different types of sites that will drive traffic. Whilst thinking about these platforms, you begin understanding what kind of content is right for each digital platform.

Different length videos are needed for different platforms.  We think in terms of short form video as most consumers during the day are either at work, flicking between vine, instagram, twitter,
 youtube on mobile devices. So it’s best to keep most videos between 10 seconds and 1 min in

The different types of videos needed are:

Pre-roll adverts: for  Youtube, dailymotion and all the video platforms which force you to watch videos before skipping to the video you actually want to watch. – 50 seconds

Social advert clips: for instagram & vine – 10 – 15 seconds.

Corporate videos: sales promos, product launches, how too videos, 2 mins max

Comedy clips: staged virals – 1 – 3mins

– In-store videos: are becoming quite the trend these days. Burberry does this brilliantly; also shopping malls like Brent Cross has a massive video screen designed to capture the audience all day! These are normally in a 1 mins loop! with maybe 3 different types of videos.

With so much to think about and different platforms requiring different lengths, you need to think about capturing the story in that amount of time. No time for long introductions to the products, services or characters driving the plot. It’s got to be straight in, get to the point and leave the consumer satisfied.  Building a strategy for your content really helps to give you a focus for you and your audience, which in turn helps to  build your online fan base!

Got the picture?

Until the next post… Happy storytelling!!


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