5 tips to create your story in the digital world.

How do you create a story in the digital world?  

Every one of us has a story inside. Every brand has a story in the way it’s customers connect with their brand.  We are all customers and having a conversation directly to your audience makes you real whats_your_story_offand not a corporate logo to hide behind.

1. Be personal. Social presence isn’t about corporate nonsense. The more you share or get your customers to share it starts to become personal – Let’s get connected.
2. Be honest– authenticity is king. No one likes being sold too – being real and authentic will resonate.
3. Be passionate. What are you passionate about?  Are you a ping pong champ? a bird watcher in your spare time?– this helps create stories.
4. Share moments in your brand. A moment is often used in adverts to create  that warm fuzzy feeling.  Create something un-expected, A moment…
5. life is content.  Your life is all about drama, the hustle, the struggle , the get up and fight! Most of all make it funny! Don’t take yourself seriously or others. Laugh at yourself and others will laugh with you.



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